Lawrence of Arabia (Restored Version) Only $8!

The restored version of Lawrence of Arabia (affiliate link) is only $8 on the US Apple store right now!

One of the screen’s grandest epics, this monumental story recounts the true-life experiences of T.E. Lawrence, better known to the world as Lawrence of Arabia. A young, idealistic British officer in WWI, Lawrence (Peter O’Toole) is assigned to the camp of Prince Feisal (Alec Guinness), an Arab tribal chieftain and leader in a revolt against the Turks. In a series of brilliant tactical maneuvers, Lawrence leads fifty of Feisal’s men in a tortured three-week crossing of the Nefud Desert to attack the strategic Turkish-held port of Aqaba. And following his successful raids against Turkish troops and trains, Lawrence’s triumphant leadership and unyielding courage gain him nearly god-like status among his Arab brothers.

If you’ve never seen this movie, BUY IT NOW. One of the most incredible films of all time – acting, directing, cinematography – you can not watch a better movie than this.

Cut Off in Traffic? Don’t Do This

This is a great example of, “It doesn’t matter if you’re right if you’re dead”.

See if you can spot what the motorcycle rider did wrong (several things, actually).

1) The rider wasn’t watching his mirrors. At the 58 second mark, you can see in his right mirror the (asshole) in the car come up on him. The rider should have seen this coming.

2) He challenged the (asshole) in the car and wasn’t ready for the asshole to brake check him.

There’s no doubt the (asshole) in the car is completely in the wrong in this situation and I hope the rider reports him to the police. That being said, once you get the license plate number of the vehicle, back off. A motorcycle will never win in a physical confrontation with a car.

Burt Reynolds Unveils New ‘Bandit Edition’ Trans Am And It Sounds Incredible

Burt Reynolds Unveils New ‘Bandit Edition’ Trans Am
“The Pontiac Trans Am was originally manufactured by General Motors from 1967 to 2002 but with the folding of the Pontiac brand back in 2009, it seemed like we’d never the badass car again. However, that all changed when a company called Trans Am Depot licensed the name and badge.”

Is it just me or is this….disappointing? While I like the paint and the engine (840 horsepower!), the body style isn’t anywhere near as cool as the original. And, if you’re going to update the car, why not update the transmission, too? I mean, an automatic? Lame! (To be fair, the original was an automatic – only thing I hated about it).

I’d still take an original 1977 Bandit Trans-Am over this.

The Presse by Bobble

I love coffee and, while I’m not nearly the coffee snob some people are, I love a good cup of coffee. I know enough about coffee to know that different brewing methods make for different kinds, tastes and flavors of coffee. I’m also a fan of gadgets in general.

Every morning, I make a pot of coffee using a regular old (crappy) Black and Decker cheap coffee maker. The first cup is pretty good but, because it sits on a heating pad, it eventually heats the coffee up so that the last couple of cups are awful. So I’m always on the look out for a different (and inexpensive) way to make coffee.

I saw this online yesterday:

It’s The Presse by Bobble. It looked kinda cool so I thought I’d treat myself and buy it. After adding it to my shopping cart, I found that the company doesn’t ship to Canada – DAMMIT!

Well, this morning on Twitter, I saw this:

@ShawnKing give @welldotca a try!

— bobble (@bobble) March 3, 2016

WOO HOO! And, even better, it’s cheaper on the Canadian site! So in 6-8 days, I’ll be making coffee in my new The Presse by Bobble! I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

The Vichy Shower System

The Vichy Shower System:

Treat your body to the ultimate in relaxation and luxury by laying inside the Vichy shower system. The stunning hand-crafted Acacia Cedar table uses reclaimed timber from Northern Australia and features seven individually controlled shower heads offering a variety of settings.

Lord, I wish I was rich enough and lazy enough to be able to afford this $29,600.00 shower “system”!

Diary of a Mad Man Podcast Episode #11!

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Listen to Diary of a Mad Man Podcast Episode #11 here!

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